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GA Technocare Technology, An Optimistic Company That Offers Healthcare & Professional Medical Billing Services

GA Technocare Technology caters Healthcare & Professional Medical Billing Services to assist healthcare providers who are looking for medical billing process outsourcing. Medical billing process requires billers and coders who can carry out the entire medical claims work appropriately. The prime motto of physicians remain focused in curing patients instead of wasting time in documentation work. So, they outsource billing process to medical billing service providers.


Besides, Professional Medical Billing Services ensure accuracy in work, and degradation in claim denials, which finally increase the work productivity. Thus, in order to get exact and result-oriented outcome, physicians generally seek for Medical billing outsourcing. GATT has created a team of professional billers and coders who have myriad of experience in providing Medical Billing Services. Our service helps physicians to increase their productivity and profitability. In addition, GATT’s medical billing service assists physicians to tackle the insurance bearers conveniently.

There are many misconceptions among healthcare providers about the less reliable Professional Medical Billing Services which need to be articulated. First, many physicians believe that they collect wrong patient data which actually is not true. Physicians consider it a less trustworthy and time consuming process. Thus, we insist you visit our GA Technocare Technology.  Moreover, you can have direct word with our professional billers and coders on 0120-6500-581.

GATT is basically a Software Development Company in India that is in the business of providing medical billing services too. Our company’s medical billing service is renowned for its easy transaction and medical billing process. Being a well-known company, we also extend other services to our clients such as web-development, web design, RPO and IT consulting services. We ensure 100% satisfaction to our clients with our esteemed services.


Healthcare & Professional Medical Billing Services Offered by GA Technocare Technology

Did you ever practice outsourcing of Healthcare & Professional Medical Billing Service?  If no, then, we would like to introduce our GA Technocare Technology which caters Healthcare & Professional Medical Billing Services across the world successfully. People often tire of seeing denied claims or with not getting full reimbursement.  As we know, there is lot of paper work in medical billing process which wastes huge time instead of treating patients. It has been quite compulsory to export medical process to save important time.


Our organization helps to recover unpaid bills and to eradicate payment errors. Inefficiency in medical billing service often creates confusion in payment and billing process. Over the years, we are performing very well in delivering medical and healthcare billing services. Among thousands of billing service providers, we are noticed very much due to our efficiency and excellence in service. Thus, GA Technocare Technology offers Healthcare & Professional Medical Billing Services to get rid of all such hectic issues. Meanwhile, we help in processing all medical bills for collection from the insurance companies.

Our method of working is completely different from other companies because we use innovative technique and modern approach to settle down medical claims without any rejection. Longstanding, GATT is playing its role with complete dedication and assurance.

List of steps followed in Medical billing process;

  • Charge Creation
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Claim Audit
  • Verification of Eligibility
  • Medical Claims Transmission
  • Patient follow-up/Patient statements

Along with medical billing services, GA Technocare Technology has many feathers on its cap in the form of prestigious web-based services such as; website development, web design, mobile application, RPO, IT consulting service and telecom solutions. Needless to say, we are committed to deliver on time and budget with 100% satisfaction.